This is Peyton...

This is Peyton.  Peyton discovered he had a knack for origami, then figured out how to turn his fun, new hobby into a business to serve others and help raise money for KPK.  This is his story.

"When Mrs. Brackett talked to us about Ghana, I knew I wanted to help. I used Genius Hour at school to try and think up a way to raise money. One day my classmate taught me how to make an origami box, and that's when I had the idea to research new things to make that I could sell to raise money for KPK. I loved this idea because no one else was doing it. I asked my mom to take me to buy some origami paper. She was excited to help, because we have spent several years doing service projects with our nonprofit called The A.B.L.E. Project. Doing these projects with my family has helped me to see others in need, and realize that even a kid can make a difference. My parents let me take my origami to the gymnastics center they own, Eagle's Wings Athletics, and sell it in the lobby. I did this for a few weeks and made $100.00. I am going to continue learning how to make new things, and continue to help KPK and other organizations serve people in need."

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