This is Jackson...

He raised $2,000 in one day for Prosper Life Academy and this is his story. Donate today! #ownit#nextgendoer

"The reason I wanted to be involved in kidsprosperkids is because I want to make a difference to the kids in Ghana and maybe kids all over the world. Knowing that I can help change lives and futures is a special thing. When I heard Mrs. Bracket talk about the kids I almost cried! It really touched me. So, I decided to make a meeting with a co-worker of my fathers’. I showed him the kpk website and told him why this was so important to me. I started with him because he was less intimidating and I knew he would help me make my presentation better for future donors. I asked my dad if he had any contacts through his job that might be interested in this story. My dad put me in contact with the CEO at Masergy Communications to tell him the story. With these two meetings, I was able to raise $2,000. I think I’m ready for bigger and tougher businesses to take on. The worst thing someone can say is no. No does not hurt and I can just say thanks for listening and move on. Hopefully one day I can go to Ghana and create a relationship with the kids I want to help, that I have not met yet. I will go, and I can’t wait to!"

Jackson Werpy (11)