How It All Started

Kids Prosper Kids is a movement that began in the hearts of elementary students in Prosper, TX, in response to learning about the plight of children who have been trafficked in Ghana, West Africa.  A dream was born to provide education and aid to impoverished areas in hopes of putting an end to generations of poverty, child labor, and modern day slavery.  Students believed that if they had access to great schools and clean water in Prosper, then children in Ghana should, too. KPK’s first global project will be to build and operate an educational center that caters to the needs of the vulnerable youth in Ghana. Through this center, students will be exposed to innovative curriculum and career training, creating jobs and empowering young entrepreneurs in Ghana.

Not Your Mama’s Non-Profit


Like all non-profit organizations, KPK has a board made up of committed and diversely talented adults; however, unlike any other organization of its kind, KPK has a Student Advisory Board comprised completely of students who drive all of the initiatives of the organization.  In addition to the Student Advisory Board, groups of students, from elementary through high school, do most of the fundraising for the projects supported by KPK. During weekly meetings, KPK students work together in groups of their choice, with focuses on public relations, media/journalism, advertising/marketing, fundraising, and finance. Students 4th grade and up are conquering spreadsheet software as they track your charitable giving, they are setting up appointments with businesses and making powerpoint presentations, securing support and donations from within their community.  With guidance from teachers and parent leaders, students plan fundraisers, brainstorm marketing and advertising strategies, schedule local service projects, and receive training from business professionals from all over the DFW metroplex as they learn all the ins-and-outs of non-profit work.

Here's Where YOU Come In...

Kids Prosper Kids is a unique, student-driven non-profit organization that is breaking the chains of entitlement that often challenge the youth of today, and fueling a movement of generosity and compassion for others.  Each week, KPK receives story after story from kids that are giving up their modern entertainment indulgences to volunteer their time for activities that benefit someone in need. From raising money for rescued victims of child labor in Ghana, to working in downtown Dallas providing support for hungry children and families, KPK students are learning to look beyond their comforts and city limit signs to generate change and prosperity for those who need it most

Land has been acquired in Ghana, schools are being built for vulnerable children, and KPK students are responding to local needs as well, working to raise money, then giving 100% of their “income” away to something so much bigger than themselves.  Weekly, hundreds of dollars are being delivered to KPK in little baggies, inspiring and compelling every one of us to action.  

Your support and generosity are paving the way for students to be immersed in meaningful relationships with others in need, as they learn how to live generously and selflessly. Your donation empowers this next generation of doers who are changing things FOR GOOD for kids all over the world, and finding themselves changed in the process. Be a part of the movement that is breaking chains and generating change for children, locally and globally!