McKinney and Prosper Lifestyle | Tom Bridges | December 28 2018

A movement has been generated out of the compassion of a number of 6- and 7-year-old kids just a couple of years ago. They were Prosper students in a class taught by Kimberli Brackett, who had been involved for a number of years with an organization called Touch A Life. That organization had helped many children in Ghana through various means.

Kimberli gave her students the opportunity to have a free-thinking “Genius Hour” to simply use that time to think about what they wanted to do in life. She had placed pictures in the corner of her classroom of the trafficked children of Ghana, and, to her delight, some of these young people said what they wanted to do was to help the kids in Ghana. 

To do it right, they needed to form a nonprofit organization and were fortunate enough to have a local guru on the subject, Dale Hart, visit them and answer all their questions about forming a 501(c)(3). Out of that meeting, a beautiful organization, Kids Prosper Kids, was born. 

It is simply amazing what these wonderful youngsters have done in a short period of time. The two-year anniversary for the organization is on Jan. 29. In its short life, it has grown to about 160 support members, ranging from the fourth grade through the 12th grade. 

In just four months, they raised more than $20,000 towards a school for these children of West Africa. And those children? If you speak with one of the students, like Nico Ray, who has been creating a documentary for the organization, they are all amazed as to how happy and appreciative the recipients are. He deemed it a “huge learning experience” and is eager to return to finalize the film. 

As the subtitle says, “prosper” is also a verb. They want to encourage anyone, anywhere to get involved. Students from any school should consider becoming part of this growing phenomenon that is focused on creating positive change in a selected global environment. By working with the government leaders from Ghana, the Prosper Life International School will help address the generational poverty, high unemployment rates, and, ultimately, help mitigate the trafficking of young children in Ghana.

Those kids who were the beginning of KPK have already created something most adults never do: a platform of involvement and a voice to:

  • Identify, build, sharpen and use their talents, passions and gifts for good purposes.

  • Learn the power and value of inclusion, diversity, integrity, commitment and accountability.

  • Practice servant leadership principles.

  • Create positive, lifelong habits that enrich both their own lives and the lives of those around them.

It is no wonder that the Prosper Chamber of Commerce voted Kids Prosper Kids as the Best New Business for 2018.

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