Prosper Life Vocational School - Kumasi Ghana, West Africa

Prosper Life Vocational School is an innovative technical/trade school that caters to the needs of vulnerable youth in Ghana that is being built by Kids Prosper Kids in Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana.

At PLVS students will be educated in career vocational training that will equip them to create jobs, empower them to be young entrepreneurs and successful business owners in Ghana.  In partnership with Rotary International, Ghanaian government leaders, education leaders and business professionals, Prosper Life Vocational School will help address the generational poverty, high unemployment rates among Ghana’s youth, and ultimately help mitigate the trafficking of young children in Ghana.


Prosperity Academy - Yeji, Ghana, West Africa

KPK students and Prosper's friends and families were proud to support Prosperity Academy in Ahiavekope Village, Yeji, Ghana.  The proximity of this school to Lake Volta was chosen to help stop the cycle of poverty and child trafficking.  Prosperity Academy is providing a hope and a future to the children of this area, where an education was previously unavailable.